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Table 3 Alignment of pre-post assessment questions with course learning objectives

From: Design-based learning for a sustainable future: student outcomes resulting from a biomimicry curriculum in an evolution course

Pre-post assessment questions Knowledge objectives
Q1. Make an argument about how society can benefit from understanding form and function in nature. Use an example to illustrate your argument Apply species’ S-F properties to navigate societal problems (Science Process Skill)
Q2. Explain how a biologist would describe the dependence of organismal function on its structure. Use an illustrative example in your answer
A biologist in this context is someone who seeks to understand living systems
Explain that the functions and properties of organisms are determined by their structures
Explain that adaptation through natural selection accounts for the appearance of “design” in nature and is subject to constraints
Describe how multiple aspects of a structure relate to organismal survival through various functions
Explain how phenotypic variation is influenced by genes and environment and that this is necessary for evolution