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Table 15 Estimated response rates, by characteristics known for respondents and non-respondents

From: Teaching evolution in U.S. public schools: a continuing challenge

 Estimated Estimated
Rate (%)NRate (%)N
Sample  Email availability  
 Middle school science34.02398   Supplied by vendor38.64137
 High school biology40.42445   Not supplied30.4706
Teacher gender  Public school type  
 Female37.62740   Conventional37.34776
 Gender unknown31.1548   Charter30.751
Black student share of enrollment  Hispanic student share of enrollment
 Under 5%41.12368   Under 5%41.51320
 5% to 15%36.61106   5% to 15%42.21375
 15% to 50%30.7991   15% to 50%32.01340
 Above 50%32.9336   Above 50%30.2807
Free lunch eligible  Urbanism  
 Under 5%35.8524   Large city30.0597
 5% to 15%45.2553   Other city39.6659
 15% to 50%39.62251   Suburb of large city37.41707
 Above 50%31.51474   Other suburb35.8276
      Town or rural39.31578