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Table 1 Scientists that have spoken at Darwin Day since 2008 and titles of their lectures from 2009–2016

From: Darwin Day in deep time: promoting evolutionary science through paleontology

Year and theme

Guest speakers

Talk titles

2016: paleontology

Neil Shubin, Ph.D.

Your Inner Fish: a journey into the 3.5 billion year history of the human body

Andrew Kramer, Ph.D.

Anti-evolutionism and human paleontology: a conversation

Blaine Schubert, Ph.D.

From rhinos to mastodonts: the gray fossil site of Tennessee

Stephanie Drumheller, Ph.D.

Not just living fossils: crocodylian evolution and diversity from the age of dinosaurs to the present

Sandy Kawano, Ph.D.

Breathing life into fossils: living fishes and salamanders provide clues to the evolutionary invasion of land

2015: biogeography

Alan de Queiroz, Ph.D.

A world shaped by astonishing events: darwin, creationism, and the geography of life

Joseph Panzik, Ph.D.

Earth: an evolving planet

A.C. Sandy Echternacht, Ph.D.

Messing with mother nature: introduced species

Colin Sumrall, Ph.D.

On the origin of birds: did the age of the dinosaurs ever end?

2014: Alfred Russell Wallace

Andrew Berry, Ph.D.

Darwin-Wallace Day?

Nicholas Matzke, Ph.D.

The intelligent design debate

2013: communicating science

Ezra Markowitz, Ph.D.

Effective science communication

Camille Parmesan, Ph.D.

Conservation in a time of rapid climate change

2012: no official theme

Rosemary Gillespie, Ph.D.

Inspiration from Islands for understanding evolution

Harry Greene, Ph.D.

Natural history, aesthetics, and conservations

2010: history of evolutionary theory

William E. Friedman, Ph.D.

A Darwinian look at Darwin’s evolutionist ancestors

  1. See Goodman (2008) for previous years’ lecture information. In 2009 and 2011, Darwin Day UT events did not include speakers