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Table 5 Categorization of guides’ free responses by general topic

From: Teaching the tourists in Galápagos: what do Galápagos National Park guides know, think, and teach tourists about evolution?

Characterization of guides’ free responses
Topic Number of respondents Example responses
Evolution, in general 10 “I explain about the species that have evolved”
Evolution, adaptive radiation 4 “I like to talk about the arrival and establishment of organisms on the island”
Evolution, natural selection or adaptation 6 “The adaptation of species;” “Natural selection”
Evolution, history of Charles Darwin 4 “The true story of how Charles Darwin was inspired to collect evidence of the differences between species that he collected”
Evolution and religion 2 “Concept of evolution as a product of CREATION”
Endemic or unique fauna 3 “I like to talk about the docility of the animals, their behavior, and their beauty that is unique in the world”
Biodiversity/fauna and flora 8 “To interpret the marvelous fauna and flora of Galapagos”
Conservation/human impacts 4 “The impacts of humans on the environment in Galapagos”
Geology 18 “I always enjoy talking about the origin of volcanoes;” “I like to talk about geology”
Human history/island culture 15 “The first colonists on Isabela;” “Island culture”
Marine biology or oceanography 4 “The marine world”
Animal behavior 3 “Animal behavior”
Specific organisms 15 Various responses including references to tortoises, sea lions, blue-footed boobies, finches, mammals, birds, and iguanas
Miscellaneous 2 “I like to talk about everything but evolution; I believe in adaptations of species to survive their environment”
  1. Fifty-six guides responded, and 98 items were categorized