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Table 3 Percent of correct responses to Darwin-in-Galápagos survey items

From: Teaching the tourists in Galápagos: what do Galápagos National Park guides know, think, and teach tourists about evolution?

Percent of GNP guides that responded correctly to Darwin-in-Galápagos survey items
Darwin item # Knowledge of Darwin revealed Guides
1 Can identify when (roughly) Charles Darwin visited the islands 85.7
2 Can identify why Darwin visited the islands 91.8
3 Are aware that mockingbirds—not finches—were the birds that most impressed Charles Darwin 39.7
4 Know that Darwin visited four islands during the Beagle’s stopover in the archipelago 86.7
5 Can identify On the Origin of Species as the book Darwin wrote, describing his theory of evolution 100.0
  1. Sample sizes for each item vary from 60 to 63