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Table 1 Guides’ understanding of evolutionary principles, as measured by the Knowledge of Evolution Exam (KEE)

From: Teaching the tourists in Galápagos: what do Galápagos National Park guides know, think, and teach tourists about evolution?

Percent that responded correctly on KEE items
KEE item # Understanding of evolutionary principles Guides
1 Can identify the several lines of evidence that support the theory of evolution 50.82
2 Can identify the occurrence of evolution by natural selection in an altered environment 30.16
3 Understand that fitness is measured by reproductive success 40.03
4 Can isolate steps leading to adaptation 38.10
5 Can select the correct definition of natural selection 66.67
6 Realize that genetic evidence suggests common ancestry for all organisms 63.93
7 Understand that natural selection is not a random process 31.15
8 Can identify the definition of evolution 25.40
9 Understand that mutation is the ultimate source of genetic variation 37.01
10 Realize that natural selection is simply one mechanism that results in evolutionary change 29.03
  Average KEE score (%) 44.0
  1. Sample sizes for each item vary from 61 to 63, as several guides omitted an item or two from the survey