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Table 1 Timeline of activities and assessments associated with implementation of Avida-ED in LB145 S14 and LB145 F14

From: An Avida-ED digital evolution curriculum for undergraduate biology

Spring 2014 Fall 2014
Week Activities/assessments Location Week Activities/assessments Location
Week 1    Week 1   
Week 2    Week 2   
Week 3    Week 3 Lab book distributed; introduction to Avida-ED, including lecture/video/demo and tutorial; Abr question (pre-test) Lab
Week 4    Week 4 Introductory exercise quiz due; exercise 1 assigned Lab
Week 5    Week 5 Exercise 1 group data explored; exercise 2 assigned; exercise 2 data explored; Avida-ED/clam case tie-in Lecture/lab
Week 6    Week 6 Exercise 3 assigned; guidelines and expectations for proposal distributed Lab
Week 7    Week 7 Demonstration of the proposal presentation; rubric for proposal and presentation distributed Lab
Week 8 Introduction to Avida-ED, including lecture/video/demo and tutorial Lecture Week 8 Student proposal presentations Lab
Week 9 Tutorial assignment Lecture Week 9 Feedback on proposals; poster guidelines and expectations distributed, with the scoring rubric Lab
Week 10 Mini-lecture Lecture Week 10 Avida-ED research Lab
Week 11    Week 11 Avida-ED research Lab
Week 12 Exam questions Lecture Week 12 Avida-ED research; Abr question (post-test) Lab
Week 13 In class activity Lecture Week 13 Poster presentations in the BEACON center; peer evaluation of posters N/A
Week 14 Activity debrief; Abr question Lecture Week 14   
Week 15 Avida-ED user’s survey Lecture Week 15 Avida-ED user’s survey Lecture
Week 16 Exam questions Lecture Week 16