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Table 4 Factor analysis for Religiosity and Evolution Understanding

From: Factors influencing minority student decisions to consider a career in evolutionary biology

General construct Item   Loadings
Religiosity To what degree  
  …are you religious 0.971
  …does your religion influence your decisions? 0.864
  …do you participate in religious activities? 0.921
  …is the following statement true? I believe in god(s) 0.694
  Religion is especially important to me because it answers many of my questions about the meaning of life. 0.839
  Item Factor 1 Loadings Factor 2 Loadings
Evolution Understanding The genetics of a population of organisms remains the same over time 0.545 0.17
  Evolution cannot ever be observed because it happens over very long periods of time. 0.778 0.184
Evolution is generally only observable in organisms that take less than a day to reproduce. 0.673 0.187
  Evolutionary biology does not investigate testable ideas about the natural world 0.807 0.258
  Evolution means progression towards perfection 0.391  
  Characteristics acquired during the lifetime of an organism are passed down to an individual’s offspring 0.358  
  Evolution is a linear progression from primitive to advanced species. 0.541  
  In most populations, more offspring are born than can survive.   0.424
  Mutations can be passed down to the next generation. 0.218 0.568
  Increased genetic variability makes a population more resistant to extinction. 0.114 0.713
  The more recently species share a common ancestor the more closely related they are. 0.207 0.705
  Mutations occur all the time. 0.163 0.543