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Table 6 Examples of false dilemmas in creationist writings

From: Argumentation and fallacies in creationist writings against evolutionary theory

Portrayal or citation Type Science content Source
“If the biblical narrative on the origin of man as a living soul created in the image of God is not true, the whole Bible and Christianity lose their significance.” YEC Yes Reinikainen [2013b]
“The idea of pure chance… must be sheltered from all criticism. All other alternatives are unthinkable… The central and unique position of idea of pure chance cannot be questioned in the atheist framework… The atheist or materialistic approach tries to reduce the whole reality into its physical parts and pure chance. The theist builds his scientific explanation on the assumption that the order of the universe basically originates from God.” ID/OEC Yes Puolimatka [2010], 272
“If people are created in the image of God, they have to be treated accordingly… If there is no creator, everybody is free to do whatever he feels according to his own discretion.” YEC Yes Reinikainen [1991], 56
For the atheist, evolutionary theory is the only possible explanation and the only alternative is that the world was created by God. ID/OEC Yes Puolimatka [2009], 142–143, 157
  1. YEC = young earth creationism, OEC = old earth creationism, ID = intelligent design. “Science content” signifies whether the arguments are presented in the context of debate about the scientific details of evolutionary theory.