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Table 4 Examples of ad consequentiam and guilt by association arguments in creationist writings

From: Argumentation and fallacies in creationist writings against evolutionary theory

Portrayal or citation Type Science content Source
“If Darwinism is true, Hitler was our savior and we have crucified him.” YEC Yes Bergman [1999]
“…the killing of so many millions of people, let alone the onslaught on defenceless unborn babies… such action is totally consistent with evolutionary teaching.” YEC Yes Grigg [2005]
“The core idea of Darwinism is selection. The Nazis believed that they must direct the process of selection to advance the German race.” YEC No1 Grigg [2005]
“Science, divested of the moral compass of biblical Christianity, played a significant role in establishing the political and social conditions in Germany that led to the horrors of Nazism.” YEC No1 Harker [2011]
“…if life is an accident (Darwinist worldview)… why not make human clones? Why not abort unwanted children? Why not euthanize the ’useless’ aged?… Why not ‘steal, kill, and destroy’?” ID Yes Harris and Calvert [2003]
“Modern racism has always found its strongest and most vicious expression among doctrinaire evolutionists—men such as Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler…” YEC Yes Morris [1972]
“Genocide, of course, is merely a shocking name for the process of natural selection…” ID Yes Johnson [1995], 144
“Evolutionary theory was applied into practice by Stalin and it caused the loss of tens of millions of lives.” YEC Yes Reinikainen [1991], 10
Darwinism associated to Stalinism and Lysenkoism2, social Darwinism, eugenics, Nazism, immorality, abortions and euthanasia. ID/OEC Yes Puolimatka [2010], 151–201, 462–477
  1. YEC = young earth creationism, OEC = old earth creationism, ID = intelligent design. “Science content” signifies whether the arguments are presented in the context of debate about the scientific details of evolutionary theory.
  2. 1Citations are from articles of the journals “Creation” and “Journal of Creation”. While the articles per se do not contain scientific issues, creationist interpretations of scientific data are presented as proofs for creation in the same issues. 2It is very problematic to use Lysenkoism as a branch of “Darwinism” as, contrary to evolutionary theory of the era, Lysenko believed in the heritability of acquired characteristics, which was encouraged by communist indoctrination (Dawkins [1986], 292).