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Table 1 Sources of principal sample material

From: Argumentation and fallacies in creationist writings against evolutionary theory

Institution/Author Format Type Source/Publisher
Answers in Genesis Online articles YEC
Creation Ministries International Creation Magazine YEC
Journal of Creation
Creation Research Society Creation Matters YEC
CRS Quarterly
Institute for Creation Research Online articles YEC
Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Center Online articles ID/OEC
Intelligent Design network Online articles ID
UK Apologetics Online articles YEC
Behe, MJ The edge of evolution. The search for the limits of Darwinism ([2007]) ID Free Press
Johnson, PE Darwin on trial ([1993]) ID/OEC
Reason in the balance ([1995]) InterVarsity Press
Puolimatka, T (in Finnish) Faith, science and evolution ([2009]) ID/OEC Uusi Tie
A test for openness in science discussion ([2010])
Reinikainen, P (in Finnish) The forgotten Genesis ([1991]) YEC Uusi Tie
The enigma of the dinosaurs and the Bible ([2003]) Kuva ja Sana
Darwin or intelligent design ([2011]) Uusi Tie
Davis, P, and Kenyon, DH Of pandas and people. The central question of biological origins ([1998]) ID Haughton
Morris, HM The remarkable birth of planet earth ([1972]) YEC Bethany Fellowship
TalkOrigins archive (many authors) Online articles ET
Panda’s Thumb (many authors) Online articles ET
Young, W Fallacies of creationism ([1985]) ET Detselig Enterprises
  1. YEC = young earth creationism, OEC = old earth creationism, ID = intelligent design, ET = proponents of evolutionary theory.