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Volume 1 Supplement 4

Special Issue: The Evolution of Eyes


Welcome to the fourth issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach—a milestone completing Volume 1 in our first year of publication! We are proud that the journal continues to grow—measured by the number of online “hits,” the quality of manuscripts we have been receiving, and our growing reputation within the disparate educational and scientific communities that we are aiming to interconnect.

This is our first “special issue” organized around a central theme in evolutionary biology. This one literally focuses on the evolution of eyes—at least since Darwin the iconic example of the general problem of the evolution of complexity. Destined, we feel, to become an instant classic, this issue on eye evolution has been assembled through the diligence and hard work of Associate Editor T. Ryan Gregory. Other such special issues are in the works—including one dedicated to the seminal work of Charles Darwin, and another on evolutionary transitions in the fossil record.

We remain committed to publishing the observations and results of educators teaching evolutionary topics in their classrooms. We shall be expanding our focus on lesson plans and other teaching aids in future issues—so please keep sending us your manuscripts! We are grateful to all the authors who have made Volume 1 such a resounding success—and look forward to maintaining our high standards as we look forward to Volume 2 and beyond!

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