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Table 1 Learning affordances of VMR applications.

From: Virtual reality in biology: could we become virtual naturalists?

  Learning affordance
1 Immersive VMR environments can assist on the development of enhanced spatial knowledge of the explored environment
2 Immersive VMR environments allows for simulated experiences which would be otherwise impractical or impossible to undertake in the real worlda
3 Immersive VMR environments can increase intrinsic motivation and engagement due to the potential to generate a personalised experiencea
4 Immersive VMR environments can facilitate learning of transferable skills and knowledge from a simulated task to real situations
5 Immersive VMR environments can be used to facilitate and/or supplement collaborative learning tasks, thereby enriching students’ learning experiencea
  1. aHighlight the learning affordances that are directly achieved with the conceptual BioVR model proposed in this study