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Table 1 A selection of useful sources of photogrammetry models for palaeontology education

From: The use of photogrammetric fossil models in palaeontology education

Collection Website(s) Comments
Digital Atlas of Ancient Life
Over 500 specimens mainly from the Paleontological Research Institution collections; test specimens available for educators
GB3D Type fossils
Fossil type specimens from the UK
Smithsonian Institution Fossil hominins, mainly crania
Natural History Museum, London Fossil and extant specimens from the museum collections
Lapworth Museum, Birmingham Fossil and other geological specimens from the museum collections
Société Géologique de France Fossils and other geological specimens
African Fossils Hominid and other vertebrate fossils mainly from the Cenozoic of Lake Turkana
MorphoSource 3-D datasets of fossil and extant taxa including photogrammetry models; a list of specimens for educators is provided
MorphoBank Morphological datasets including photogrammetry models
MorphoMuseuM 3-D datasets of fossil and extant vertebrates including photogrammetry models