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Table 1 Biology reconciliation lesson plans

From: Reconciling evolution: evidence from a biology and theology course

Biology Course—Reconciliation activities (Evolution content is primary focus throughout the implementation of these additional activities during the 8 weeks of instruction.)
1. Pre-Class Assignment(s): Students read Chapters 1–6, 8, and 10 of Origins, by Haarsma and Haarsma
2. Activity 1—Hearing from students about evolution and faith: Students write a conversation between a Christian and non-Christian about evolution. This allows students to feel that their “side” is heard
3. Activity 2—Creating space to learn about evolution: Students respond to “clicker” questions about their knowledge about evolution
4.Activity 3—Peer discussion, on Discussion Board. Provides students time to articulate their thoughts about evolution with their peers
5. Activity 4—Peer discussion, face-to-face in small groups. Provides space to dialogue about difficult issues at the intersection between evolution and faith
6. Activity 5—Analyzing how we treat others: Students read about hospitable dialogue vs tolerance, analyze their initial conversation from Activity 1, and then engage in a real dialogue with a person who holds an alternate vie
7. End of course Essay—students write about their position towards evolution and any changes that occur