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Table 7 Percentage of participants who expressed explicitly teleological and ambiguous misconceptions

From: Teaching natural selection in early elementary classrooms: can a storybook intervention reduce teleological misunderstandings?

Type of preconceptionsPretestPosttest
Any form of preconception85%23%
Ambiguous preconception58%16%
Explicit TE28%7%
 Basic TE5%2%
 Elaborated TE23%5%
  1. Note: Percentages show the percentage of all participants (N = 220) who expressed a particular form of misconception. The two forms of teleological reasoning (basic and elaborated) are mutually exclusive. The numbers in this table do not sum to the figures in Table 6 because children are only counted in one group (e.g., a child with both basic teleology and effort would be counted in the elaborated TE group and not in the basic TE group)