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Table 4 Examples of misconception prompts

From: Teaching natural selection in early elementary classrooms: can a storybook intervention reduce teleological misunderstandings?

MisconceptionPromptAccurate justification
TE and developmentThe orpeds needed longer arms to reach the minnows, so when they grew up, their arms got longer because they needed longer arms. That’s why orpeds mostly have longer arms nowWhen they were young if they had short arms then now they will have short arms OR
They can’t just need it for it to come true there has to be some kind of process
EffortThe orpeds with shorter arms couldn’t get the minnows anymore, so some of them stretched and stretched until their arms became long enough to reach, and those ones are alive nowadays. That’s why orpeds mostly have longer arms now.You can’t just stretch things out
TransformationWhen the weather changed, the orpeds changed, too. Lots of the orpeds with shorter arms changed to having longer arms and they could reach the food. That’s why orpeds mostly have longer arms nowadays.They can’t change their arms longer or shorter