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Table 2 Reported support of key positions advanced by the National Academy of Sciences and other organizations (column percentages)

From: Teaching evolution in U.S. public schools: a continuing challenge

 2007 (N = 926)2019 (N = 752)
It is possible to offer an excellent general biology course for high school students that includes no mention of Darwin or evolutionary theory (%)
 Strongly agree54
 Strongly disagree5858
 Not applicable/no answer58
Evolution serves as the unifying theme for the content of the course (%)
 Strongly agree2631
 Strongly disagree93
 Not applicable/no answer610
When I teach evolution (including answering student questions) I emphasize the broad consensus that evolution is a fact, even as scientists disagree about the specific mechanisms through which evolution occurred (%)
 Strongly agree3047
 Strongly disagree63
 Not applicable/no answer57