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Table 1 Hours reported as devoted to human evolution and general evolution in high school biology classes (column percentages)

From: Teaching evolution in U.S. public schools: a continuing challenge

 2007 (N = 926)2019 (N = 752)
Human evolutionGeneral evolutionary processesHuman evolutionGeneral evolutionary processes
Not covered17%1%17%5%
1–2 h35%9%28%8%
3–5 h25%23%20%13%
6–10 h12%27%14%25%
11–15 h4%17%7%18%
16-20 h2%11%5%14%
20 h or more2%10%5%13%
No answer provided2%2%4%4%
Mean hours4.19.87.712.4
Standard Deviation4.