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Table 3 Description of categorical and ordinal variables in the regression analyses

From: Different evolution acceptance instruments lead to different research findings

Categories in analyses (categories in survey)
Course level
 Non-majors = 1 (BIO 100)
 Intro majors I = 2 (BIO 181, BIO 281)
 Intro majors II = 3 (BIO 182, BIO 282)
Parent education
 First generation = 1 (first generation)
 Non-first generation = 2 (≥ 1 parent attended college)
 Non-first generation = 3 (≥ 1 parent has college degree)
Religious affiliation
 Catholic (Christian—Catholic)
 Protestant or LDS (Christian—Protestant, Christian—LDS)
 Other Religion (Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Mormon, other religion)
 Reference group—no religion (atheist, agnostic, nothing in particular)
Political affiliation
 Republican (Republican)
 Democrat (Democrat)
 Reference group: other affiliation—(independent, libertarian, not political, other)
 Asian (Asian)
 Black/African American (Black or African American)
 Hispanic (Hispanic)
 Other race (American Indian or Alaska Native, Pacific Islander, mixed race, other race)
 Reference group—White (white)