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Table 4 Focus group questions

From: Acknowledging students’ concerns about evolution: a proactive teaching strategy

Number Question
1. Think back to when your teacher first told you that you would be participating [in a classroom discussion about “Why Study Evolution?”] or [in class in a “Historical Role Play” about evolution]. What were your first thoughts about this?
2. How did the classroom feel to you as you and your classmates worked together on the [“Why Study Evolution?”] or [“Historical Role Play”] activities? Was it relaxed; tense; or something in-between?
3. Question for “Why Study Evolution”—Think about your understanding of evolution and human origins. Tell us one way in which participating in these activities impacted your own understanding?
Question for “Historical Role Play”—Tell us one way in which these activities impacted your own understanding of the reasons why people react to the theory of evolution differently.
4. If you could invite a friend to class to participate in these activities, would you? If yes, what would you say to them in the invitation? If no, why not?
5. Tell us one aspect of these activities that you really liked. Tell us one aspect of these activities that needs improvement or “really has to go”.
6. Is there anything else about the activities you would like us to know?
7. Are there any questions you have for us?