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Table 2 The highest loading items onto the first (F1) and second (F2) dimensions

From: A closer look at the items within three measures of evolution acceptance: analysis of the MATE, I-SEA, and GAENE as a single corpus of items

Name F1 F2 Wording Stem
GAENE11 0.91 − 0.07 P Evolution is a good explanation of how humans first emerged on the earth
ISEAMacro1 0.87 − 0.03 P I think that new species evolved from ancestral species
MATEfacts3 0.87 − 0.01 P Modern humans are the product of evolutionary processes that have occurred over millions of years
ISEAHuman4 0.85 − 0.01 P I think that humans and apes share an ancient ancestor
ISEAHuman7 0.84 − 0.02 P The many characteristics that humans share with other primates (i.e., chimpanzees, gorillas) can best be explained by our sharing a common ancestor
ISEAMicro4 − 0.26 0.92 N Species were created to be perfectly suited to their environment, so they do not change
ISEAMicro1 − 0.17 0.83 N I think that organisms, as they exist now, are perfectly adapted to their natural environments and so will not continue to change
ISEAMicro5 − 0.06 0.82 N I don’t accept the idea that a species of organism will evolve new traits over time
ISEAMicro7 − 0.04 0.78 N Species exist today in exactly the same shape and form in which they always have
MATEcred9 0.03 0.73 N Organisms exist today in essentially the same form in which they always have