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Table 2 Evolution concept inventories

From: Concept inventories as a resource for teaching evolution

Assessment name, shorthand (citation) Content/population Answer type (time) Validation population/evidence How to access in creators' publication/Other notes
Ecology and evolution–measuring achievement and progression in science, EcoEvo-MAPS (Summers et al. 2018) Ecology and evolution/AY 63 MC (15–35 m) Multiple/TC, RP, IS Supplement/Designed for longitudinal use
Biological concepts instrument, BCI (Klymkowsky et al. 2010) Molecular biology/Y1, Y2 29 MC Multiple/TC, RP Appendix
Unnamed instrument (Blacquiere and Hoese 2016) Phylogenetics/Y1 18 MC (< 20 m) CSU Fullerton/TC, RP, IS, C Supplement
Phylogenetic assessment test, PhAT (Smith et al. 2013b) Phylogenetics/Y1 5 open-ended Michigan State University/TC, RP Embedded/Rubric published in paper
Tree-thinking concept inventory, TTCI (Naegle 2009) Tree thinking/AY 29 MC (20–30 m) Multiple/TC, RP, IS Contact author/Suggestions for choosing subset of Qs detailed in thesis
Basic tree-thinking assessment (Baum et al. 2005) Tree thinking/AY 10 MC each Not stated Supplement/Two separate quizzes (I for LD, II for UD)
Conceptual inventory of natural selection, CINS (Anderson et al. 2002) Natural selection/NM 20 MC Multiple/TC, RP, IS Supplement
Assessing conceptual reasoning about natural selection, ACORNS (Nehm et al. 2012) Natural selection/LD Variable open-ended The Ohio State University/TC, RP, IS, C Supplement/Grading with rubric (Nehm et al. 2010; Opfer et al. 2012) or with EvoGrader (Moharreri et al. 2014)
Conceptual assessment of natural selection, CANS (Kalinowski et al. 2016) Natural selection/LD 24 MC Montana State University/TC, RP, IS Supplement
Open response instrument, ORI (Nehm and Schonfeld 2008) Natural selection/LD 5 open-ended (25 m) University in urban area of NE US/TC, RP, IS, C, D Embedded/Built from earlier assessments (Bishop and Anderson 1990; Nehm and Reilly 2007). Scoring guide and rubric (Nehm et al. 2010)
Natural selection misconceptions diagnostic (DeSaix et al. 2011) Natural selection/LD 12 MC Not stated
Evolutionary development concept inventory, EvoDevoCI (Perez et al. 2013) Evolutionary development/AY 11 MC Multiple/TC, RP, IS Supplement/Details about CI development also published (Hiatt et al. 2013)
Host–pathogen interactions concept inventory, HPI-CI (Marbach-Ad et al. 2009) Host–pathogen interactions/AY 18 MC University of Maryland/TC, RP, IS Unclear
Measure of understanding of macroevolution, MUM (Nadelson and Southerland 2009) Macroevolution/LD 27 MC (plus 1 open-ended) Not stated/TC, IS Appendix
Genetic drift inventory, GeDI (Price et al. 2014) Genetic drift/UD 22 MC Multiple/TC, RP, IS Supplement
Dominance concept inventory, DCI (Abraham et al. 2014) Mendelian genetics/AY 16 MC Multiple/TC, RP, IS Supplement/Some questions are two-tiered
Genetics concepts assessment, GCA (Smith et al. 2008) Genetics/AY 25 MC Multiple/TC, RP, IS, C Contact authors
Genetics literacy assessment instrument, GLAI (Bowling et al. 2008) Genetics/NM 31 MC University of Cincinnati/TC, RP, IS (p94)
  1. Y1 first-year undergraduates, Y2 second-year, AY all years, LD lower division majors, UD upper division majors, NM non-majors, MC multiple choice, m expected number of minutes to complete inventory, Validity evidence: TC test content, RP response processes, IS internal structure, C convergent with other variable, D discriminant from other variable