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Table 1 Various terms for features in organisms that appear to point to descent with modification

From: Evolutionary remnants as widely accessible evidence for evolution: the structure of the argument for application to evolution education

Term Reference
Rudimentary, atrophied, or aborted organs, atavisms Darwin (1859); Hall (2010)
Vestiges/vestigial organs Darwin (1859); Werth (2014)
Scars Krogman (1951); Morgan (1994)
Senseless signs of history Gould (1978b)
Exaptations Gould and Vrba (1982); Vrba (2002)
Imperfections and oddities Gould (1986); Margulis et al. (2005)
Palimpsests Weiss and Kawasaki (2006); Morange (2008); Coyne (2009); Mayer (2009)
Remnants of evolution Spinney (2008)
Contrivances Darwin (1862)
Traces of common descent Rogers (2011)