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Table 4 Questions to ask before and after the activity. A. warm-up questions to ask of the whole class or in smaller groups, and B. synthesis discussion questions to ask of the whole class

From: Making evolution stick: using sticky notes to teach the mechanisms of evolutionary change

A. Warm-up questions 1. Define evolution in your own words
  2. Is evolution happening today?
  3. What causes evolution to happen in nature?
B. Synthesis questions 1. What characteristics could cause one color of sticky note to survive or reproduce better than another color?
  2. What does fitness mean in the context of evolution?
  3. How is evolution related to genes?
  4. Does evolution occur if an individual migrates but dies before reproducing?
  5. What are the consequences of allelic fixation?
  6. Has this activity changed your views on evolution? Why?
     a. Does evolution occur today?
     b. What causes evolution to occur in nature?
     c. What is the most important driver of evolution?
  7. How does natural selection differ from the other mechanisms of evolution?
  8. Name a contemporary example of an evolutionary process
  9. Are humans currently evolving?