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Table 2 Courses in the control treatment

From: Observing populations and testing predictions about genetic drift in a computer simulation improves college students’ conceptual understanding

Institution, region N Division (course) GeDI administered as… Credit for GeDI Days between pre- and posttest
Master’s University, West 28 Lower (general biology) Homework Completion 16 (SD 7)
Master’s University, West 14 Upper (evolution) Homework Completion 18 (SD 8)
Moderate Research University, West 24 Lower (general biology) Homework Completion 97 (SD 4)
Research University, Midwest 2 112 Upper (genetics) In class activity Completion 17 (SD 3)
Research University, Northeast 2 137 Lower (general biology) Homework Completion 20 (SD 4)
  1. All students received credit for completing the GeDI, but their GeDI scores did not affect their grades. The classifications of institutions are simplified from the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education (The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education n.d.,