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Table 2 Overview of the NJ State Standards, intervention topics, activities, and readings used in the teacher professional development workshop

From: The Long-Term Impacts of Short-Term Professional Development: Science Teachers and Evolution

Day Major topic and NJ Standards Topics Activities Readings and reflections
Day 1 Science practices (Standard 5.1) Student learning and assessment Video: Private Universe McComas (1996)
Prior knowledge and alternative conceptions Nature of Science Interviews Abd-El-Khalick and Lederman (2000)
Introduction to the nature of science (observation, inference, theory, law, etc.). Developing NOS formative assessments NOS alternative conceptions reflection essay
Day 2 Science practices (Standard 5.1) Nature of science (continued) Black box activity Collins and Pinch (1998)
Scientific models and modeling Model testing activity  
Types of experiments in science Textbook analysis of NOS concepts  
Day 3 Heredity and reproduction (5.3.D) Causes of variation; heredity patterns DNA from the beginning (Cold Spring Harbor online activities) Driver et al. (1994)
Sexual reproduction and genetics Genetics formative assessment development  
Day 4 Heredity and reproduction (5.3.D) DNA, transcription, translation Linking NOS and genetics lessons Driver et al. (1994)
Mendel’s laws of heredity and NOS Case study of the discovery of Huntington’s disease Genetics alternative conceptions reflection essay
From observable phenotypic patterns to unobservable genetic causes Genetics formative assessment development (revisions)  
Day 5 Heredity and reproduction (5.3.D) Genetics and reproduction activities Piloting genetics formative assessments Gregory (2009)
  Natural selection key concepts Pollination and Lily sexual reproduction  
Evolution and diversity (5.3.E) Typological thinking and essentialism Mendels law’s in corn cobs  
Day 6 Evolution and diversity (5.3.E) Natural selection key concepts M&M natural selection activity Gregory (2009)
History of corn domestication Natural selection formative assessment development Natural selection alternative conceptions reflective essay
  Snail scales of phenotypic variation  
Day 7 Interdependence (5.3.C) Plants, animals, energy, and matter Carnations and water flow Driver et al. (1994)
Photosynthesis and respiration Peace Lily leaves Photosynthesis alternative conceptions reflective essay
Transpiration and water relations Sun and shade leaf patterns  
  Transpiration patterns  
Day 8 Interdependence (5.3.C) Review and synthesis Question and discussions about content Formative assessment revisions