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Table 1 Responses of grade 11 students to the question “what comes to mind when we say ‘natural selection’?”

From: The dandelion evolution outreach program: learning through inquiry-based community engagement

People Aristotle Darwin Lamarck Malthus Plato Spencer Wedgewood
Concepts Adaptability Adaptations Adapt to Environment Advancement Alleles Analogous Structures Antibiotic resistance Artificial Selection Benefit Biology Bottleneck effect Chance Change Circle of life Competition Continuation of species Decreased diversity Descent with Modification Dinosaurs Ecosystem Environment Environment favours a trait Favourable genes Fluctuations in environment Fluctuations in organisms Frequency Generations Genes Genetic drift Genotype and Phenotype Heritage Inheritance Lethal, non-lethal, beneficial Living organisms Mutations Population decay or growth Religion Reproduction Species Species change Suitability Surroundings Survival Survival of the fittest Traits Transmutation Variation Weaker ones die off
Places Galapagos Tierra del Fuego
Organisms Finches Pepper Moths
Misc. Beagle voyage