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Table 7 Examples of fallacies in anti-creationist writings by evolutionary theory proponents

From: Argumentation and fallacies in creationist writings against evolutionary theory

Type of fallacy Portrayal or citation Science content Source
Ad hominem “Distorting real scientific research to further their agenda is obviously nothing new for the ICR (Institute for Creation Research)…” Yes Panda’s Thumb archive [2013]
  “Many creationists have a literally holier-than-thou attitude. For example, they (falsely) claim that believers of evolution are atheistic and evil. You cannot get any more snobbish or elitist than that.“ No1 TalkOrigins archive [2013d]
  “All three (creationists) are open Christian apologetics, and therefore cannot seriously be considered to be ideologically unbiased… None of them are qualified to comment on evolution for the simple reason that their degrees are not in any of the organismal biological sciences.” No Pigliucci et al. [2004]
Tu quoque “The Nazi Party in general rejected Darwinism and supported Christianity.” Yes TalkOrigins archive [2013c]
  “Perhaps when creationists claim that scientists are operating under ulterior motives, they are merely projecting how they themselves operate.” Yes TalkOrigins archive [2013g]
  “When Piltdown was exposed, it stopped being used as evidence. The creationist hoaxes, however, can still be found cited as if they were real. Piltdown has been over and done with for decades, but the dishonesty of creationist hoaxes continues.“ Yes TalkOrigins archive [2013i]
  “The lessons of history leave no doubt that wars, campaigns of persecution, torture, murder, and all manner of atrocities are as likely to be committed in the name of God… as in his absence.” Yes Young [1985], 33
Ad consequentiam “…the closed-minded propaganda of the Creationists could also threaten our freedom of inquiry.” Yes Young [1985], 272
  “…both groups want the country recast as a Christian fundamentalist nation. And they both abhor the concept of evolution and want science redefined.” No Zimmerman [2010]
Appeals to authority “A governmental requirement for teaching intelligent design or other so-called alternatives to evolution would likely be found unconstitutional…” Yes TalkOrigins archive [2013e]
  “Evolution as religion has been rejected by the courts.” Yes TalkOrigins archive [2013h]
  1. 1Scientific claims discussed on the same Internet site.