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Table 3 Examples of ad hominem arguments in creationist writings

From: Argumentation and fallacies in creationist writings against evolutionary theory

Type Portrayal or citation Type Science content Source
Demonization “One side of Darwin rarely discussed in popular and scientific literature was his powerful sadistic bent.” YEC No Bergman [2005]
  ”…the editors and defenders of Darwin have done a superb job in hiding Darwin’s clear racism…” YEC Yes Brace [2006]
Disqualification “…although evolutionists continue to demolish one another’s hypotheses, they fail to come to terms with the underlying problem of their fossil investigations—the materialist worldview.” YEC Yes Doyle [2007]
  “Was Charles Darwin psychotic? A study of his mental health” YEC Yes Bergman [2004]
  “Anyone who has not studied inorganic chemistry and biochemistry at university level, should not take stand on the concept of chemical evolution, i.e., emergence of the first cell.” YEC Yes Reinikainen [2013b]
Dishonesty (Darwin was absent from a public debate) “…is there just a suspicion of cowardice tinged with guilt here?” YEC Yes Brace [2006]
  Punctuated equilibrium models described as an ad hoc escape from lack of evidence on evolutionary theory. ID/OEC Yes Johnson [1993], 44; Puolimatka [2009], 421; Puolimatka [2010], 381
  “…if evolutionists really believe what they say or if they are purposively trying to mislead. I suspect there are some of both.” YEC Yes Morris [2013]
Gullibility “…most evolutionists are evolutionists because they are victims of the wrong teaching of others.” YEC Yes Morris [2013]
Circumstantial ad hominem “Most evolutionists… will freely admit that there are no ‘missing links’ although there have been several missing link hoaxes!” YEC Yes Brace [2004]
  Naturalists are accused of discussing religion although they claim that religion should be left out of scientific discussions. ID/OEC Yes Puolimatka [2009], 235–271
  Citations of evolutionary biologists allegedly affirming the lack of evidence for evolution. ID/OEC Yes Davis and Kenyon [1998], 23; Puolimatka [2009], 419–422; Puolimatka [2010], 366–384
  1. YEC = young earth creationism, OEC = old earth creationism, ID = intelligent design. “Science content” signifies whether the arguments are presented in the context of debate about the scientific details of evolutionary theory.