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Table 8 Summary of independent-samples t -test analyses for mean difference in pre- to post-instruction student variables related to teachers’ BEL-mean index score ranking

From: Teachers teaching misconceptions: a study of factors contributing to high school biology students’ acquisition of biological evolution-related misconceptions

  Mean difference in student variable pre- to post-instruction(SD)    
Student variable Teacher HISG Teacher LISG t df p
(n = 290) (n = 246)
BEL-mean index score +2.58 +0.47 2.75 534 <.01a
(9.25) (8.40)    
Misconception number +0.20 +0.82 2.11 534 .04b
(3.48) (3.23)    
  1. aDifference between groups is statistically significant at p < .01. bDifference between groups is statistically significant at p < .05. BEL, Biological Evolution Literacy; HISG, high index score group; LISG, low index score group, SD, standard deviation.