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Table 3 Public high school profile

From: Is Oklahoma really OK? A regional study of the prevalence of biological evolution-related misconceptions held by introductory biology teachers

Demographic variable Variable range Percentage of high schools
   Participants (n=71) Study area (n= 474)
Average daily membershipa 4451.85 to 485.57 20.0 20.0
  482.10 to 242.95 23.3 20.0
  242.30 to 134.10 16.7 20.0
  132.10 to 78.11 18.3 20.0
  77.73 to 14.85 21.7 20.0
Urban-centric classificationb City 3.3 7.2
  Suburban 5.0 5.7
  Town 26.7 17.7
  Rural 65.0 69.4
  1. Participants are high schools that employed study participants. Study area indicates the total number of high schools within the study area. For all results, P > 0.05 therefore differences were nonsignificant. aAverage daily membership is the aggregate membership of a school during a reporting period (normally a school year) divided by the number of days school is in session during this period (Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Education Statistics 2010a). bUrban-centric classification (Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Education Statistics 2010b).