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Table 1 Percentages of selected demographic traits in the sample and population

From: College Students’ Perceptions of Intelligent Design

  % of Sample % of Population
Freshman 11.2 28.5
Sophomore 30.0 19.0
Junior 29.9 24.2
Senior 28.8 28.3
Male 52.2 54.1
Female 47.8 45.9
White or Caucasian 86.4 79.4
Black, African, or African American 5.0 7.1
Hispanic, Latino/a, Latin American, or South American 3.8 4.6
Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander 1.4 1.2
Native American or Alaskan Native 0.2 0.5
North African, Middle Eastern, or Indian 0.2  
Multiracial 3.2
Religious affiliation
Protestant 29.5
Catholic 41.9
Unidentified/other type of Christian 7.0
Other 2.9
None 18.8
Type of high school attended
Public 85.8
Private, not religiously affiliated 0.3
Private, religiously affiliated 11.1
More than one type 2.7
Type of community in which R grew up
Rural 33.2
Suburban 47.9
Urban 14.1
More than one type 4.8
Political ideology
Very liberal 7.5
Liberal 30.4
Moderate or “middle of the road” 32.0
Conservative 25.7
Very conservative 4.5
  1. Population data, which were provided by the university, are for the same semester the survey was conducted. These percentages were calculated after the respondents who did not answer the question or who selected “unsure/don’t know” were removed. Only one question had a large percent of respondents who selected this category; 20.2% selected “unsure/don’t know” when asked about their political ideology
  2. aThe population used to calculate these percentages includes students on the other campus of the university, as well as in its extension programs
  3. bThe categories used for the population data did not match the categories in the survey