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Table 1 The list of “really cool tricks” of molecular biology described in Chapter 14 of The Joy of Science

From: Tracing the ELF: Joyful Excursions in Search of Evolution

“Really cool tricks” in molecular biology
#1 How to turn a not-so-bad bug into a really bad one
#2 Bacterial milkshakes
#3 Molecular billiards and Russian dolls
#4 Playing in the kitchen is wonderful for babies and future Nobel laureates
#5 Viruses know how to cut up DNA
#6 Getting DNA to race
#7 Looking for crazy bacteria
#8 If the water main is working at First St. but not at 3rd St., then the blockage must be near 2nd st.
#9 When all the puzzle pieces are the same
  1. The history of molecular biology is presented as a series of smart solutions to problems of observing and modifying organic molecules in a pursuit of the question “What is the basis of inheritance?”