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Table 3 Documents reviewed for analysis of evolution in state science standards

From: Why Science Standards are Important to a Strong Science Curriculum and How States Measure Up

State Year adopted Document(s) reviewed
AL 2005 Alabama Course of Study; Science, Bulletin 2005, No. 20
AK 2006 Content and Performance Standards for Alaska Students
AR 2005 Arizona Academic Content Standards Science Articulated by grade level
AK 2005 K-8 Science Curriculum Framework; H.S. (Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physical Science) Science Curriculum Framework
CA 1998 Science Content Standards for California Public Schools
CO 2009a Colorado Model Content Standards
CT 2004; 2009 Core Science Curriculum Framework (2004); Connecticut Prekindergarten-Grade 8 Science Curriculum Standards Including Grade-Level Expectations (2009)
DE 2006 Delaware Science Content Standards and Grade Level Expectations
DC 2006 District of Columbia Science Pre-K through Grade 12 Standards
FL 2008 Sunshine State Standards: Science
GA 2004 Georgia Performance Standards: Science
HI 2005 Hawaii Content and Performance Standards for Science
ID 2007 Idaho Science Content Standards
IL 2004 Illinois Learning Standards for Science. Science Goals & Standards (1997, modified 2004); Science Descriptors and Assessments (2002)
IN 2006 Indiana Standards and Resources: Science
IA 2007 Iowa Core Curriculum: Science
KS 2007 Kansas Science Education Standards
KY 2006 Program of Studies for Kentucky Schools Primary-12
LA 2005 Louisiana Content Standards, Benchmarks, and Grade Level Expectations for Science
ME 2007 Maine Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction
MD 2002 Core Learning Goals
MA 2006 Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework
MI 2000 Michigan Curriculum Framework Science Benchmarks
MN 2009a Minnesota Academic Standards Science K-12
MS 2008 Mississippi Science Framework 2010
MO 1996; 2008 Missouri’s Framework for Curriculum Development in Science K-12. Show-Me Standards (1996) and Grade-level Expectations (2008)
MT 2006 Montana K-12 Science Content Standards and Performance Descriptors
NE 1998 Nebraska Science Standards Grades K-12
NV 2004 Nevada K-12 Science Standards
NH 2006 K-12 Science Literacy New Hampshire Curriculum Framework
NJ 2002 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science
NM 2003 Science Content Standards, Benchmarks, and Performance Standards
NY 1996 New York Learning Standards and Core Curriculum
NC 2004 Standard Course of Study and Grade Level Competencies K-12 Science
ND 2006 North Dakota Science Content and Achievement Standards K-12
OH 2006 Science Academic Content Standards
OK 2005 Priority Academic Student Skills Science
OR 2009 Core Standards for Science
PA 2002 Academic Standards for Science and Technology
RI 2006 Science Literacy for ALL Students: The Rhode Island Science Framework
SC 2005 South Carolina Science Academic Standards
SD 2005 South Dakota Content Standards: Science
TN 2007 Curriculum Standards:K-8; Biology I; Biology II; Earth Science; Geology
TX 2009 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science
UT 2003 Secondary Core Curriculum Science
VT 2000 Vermont’s Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities
VA 2003 Science Standards of Learning for Virginia’s Public Schools
WA 2005 Essential Academic Learning Requirements; K–10 Grade Level Expectations Science
WV 2008 21st Century Science 9-12 Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools
WI 1998 Model Academic Standards for Science
WY 2003 Wyoming Science Content and Performance Standards
  1. aState standards currently in revision process