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Table 3 Selected CINS items used in this study to detect pretest and post-instruction knowledge of principles of evolution by natural selection

From: Using Avida-ED for Teaching and Learning About Evolution in Undergraduate Introductory Biology Courses

CINS item q4a q6 q7 q9a q10b q13 q16b q17 q18 q19
Concept assessed P O I V F P V I F O
Percent correct pretest 27 37 69 53 67 38 65 54 65 34
Percent correct post-test 50 56 76 51 95 66 62 67 92 65
p (one-tail) 0.0002 0.0009 0.0582 0.3594 <0.0001 <0.0001 0.3336 0.0054 <0.0001 <0.0001
  1. Items are numbered in the order they appear in the complete instrument (available online at Key concepts assessed: V—variation within a population, O—origin of variation, I—inheritance of traits, F—fitness, P—change in a population. We applied the Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-ranked test to establish whether the observed differences between pretest and post-test scores were statistically significant (n = 124, α < 0.005). Italicized values indicate nonstatistically significant pre–post differences in four of the ten items (although question 17 is only barely below the set significance level)
  2. aQuestions 4 and 9 had low discriminability values when the CINS was assigned as a pretest to nonscience majors (Anderson et al. 2002)
  3. bQuestions 10 and 16 had very low discriminability values when the CINS was assigned post-instruction to science majors (Nehm and Schonfeld 2008)