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Table 1 Learning objectives for the Avida-ED activity were designed in the context of one of our broader course learning goals

From: Using Avida-ED for Teaching and Learning About Evolution in Undergraduate Introductory Biology Courses

Broader evolution learning goal
By the end of this course, students should be able to use principles of genetics to model and explain
 1. the origin of variation in populations and
 2. the mechanism of evolution by natural selection
Avida-ED activity learning objectives
 1. Use Avida-ED as a model of evolution by natural selection, to observe experimentally:
 a. that genetic mutations occur randomly and independently of environmental conditionsa
 b. that an individual's fitness is not an absolute characteristic, but depends on its environmenta
 2. Apply the principles of random genetic mutation, phenotypic variation, heredity, and fitness to explain how Avidian populations change over time
  1. The general objectives for the Avida-ED activity were explicitly stated on the handouts students worked with
  2. aThe specific learning outcomes guided design of the two parts of the activity (described in the “Methods” section)