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Table 2 Sample attitude items (numbers refer to percentage responses to items)

From: The Growing Visibility of Creationism in Northern Ireland: Are New Science Teachers Equipped to Deal with the Issues?

Item Percentage
Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree Do not know
A supreme being (e.g., God) created human beings pretty much in their present form; humans did not evolve from other forms of life (e.g., a fish and/or reptiles)a 17 13 21 17 30 4
There is evidence that humans evolved from other animalsb 21 41 13 12 9 3
Over billions of years all plants and animals on earth (including humans) descended (evolved) from a common ancestor (e.g., a one-celled organism)a 15 24 26 12 14 9
  1. a“Strongly disagree” answer most consistent with evolution
  2. b“Strongly agree” answer most consistent with evolution