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Table 2 Mean values for limits of science, attitude toward science, acceptance of evolution, and religiosity items

From: The Importance of Understanding the Nature of Science for Accepting Evolution

Theme and items Mean (sd)
Limits of science 3.64 (0.61)
    Science cannot address the existence of supernatural entities or investigate supernatural mechanisms 3.27 (1.14)
    Science can help inform decisions related to morality but cannot directly make moral judgments about what is good and bad 3.56 (0.92)
    Science and technology cannot solve all human problems 4.16 (0.99)
    Science could prove the existence of supernatural beings like Goda 2.35 (1.08)
    Science could disprove the existence of supernatural beings like Goda 2.42 (1.02)
Attitude toward science 3.91 (0.64)
    I am generally more interested in science than my peers are 3.41 (0.99)
    I am interested in pursuing a career related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics 3.66 (1.37)
    I personally think that science is extremely valuable for society 4.32 (0.62)
    I think that science often has more negative repercussions for society than positive repercussionsa 1.97 (0.80)
    I personally think that science is boringa 1.88 (0.85)
Acceptance of evolution 3.93 (0.82)
    I believe that animals have changed over time by a process of evolution 4.26 (0.87)
    I accept evolution by natural selection as a well-supported scientific theory 4.10 (0.97)
    I believe that all species, including humans, have a common evolutionary origin 3.86 (1.14)
    I believe that species were created individually and do not change over timea 1.68 (0.86)
    I believe that the theory of evolution by natural selection has many gaps and problemsa 2.89 (1.09)
Religiosity 3.06 (0.89)
    I believe in God 3.24 (1.41)
    I believe in some kind of afterlife 3.48 (1.20)
    I personally feel a conflict between science and religion 2.82 (1.22)
    I do not think religion can or should make claims about the natural worlda 3.00 (1.19)
    I do not consider myself a religious persona 3.25 (1.31)
  1. The rating scale ranged from 1 to 5, with 1 indicating strong disagreement and 5 indicating strong agreement.
  2. aIndicates items that were reverse-coded to generate the mean for the theme