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Table 1 Themes for Darwin Day events at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with corresponding guest speakers and titles of talks

From: Celebrate Darwin Day, An Event for Education and Outreach in Evolutionary Biology

Year Guest speakers Theme/titles of talks
2008 Eugenie Scott, Ph.D. Intelligent design: is it science? Should it be taught in schools?
2007 Randolph Nesse, M.D. Evolution and medicine
Paul Ewald, Ph.D.
2006 Rev. Michael Dowd Evolution and religion
Tim Berra, Ph.D. Darwin’s biography
2005 Michael Shermer, Ph.D. Science of good and evil: evolutionary origins of morality
Why people believe weird things: creationism, holocaust denial, and beyond
2004 Stephen Palumbi, Ph.D. Rapid evolution in modern life
2003 Ian Tattersall, Ph.D Hominid evolution
2002 Elliot Sober, Ph.D. The design argument
Common ancestry and natural selection
2001 Barry Palevitz, Ph.D. Never say uncle: creationism and intelligent design
Talks and activities coordinated with university theater’s production of "Inherit the Wind"
2000. (Spread over 3 months) Donald Prothero, Ph.D. Does climate drive evolution?
Evolution? The fossils say Yes!
Ken Miller, Ph.D. Finding Darwin’s God: On the apparent conflict between evolution and religion
Organized teachers’ workshop—teaching the fact and theory of evolution
Meshing classroom practice with science and with common sense
Frans de Waal, Ph.D. The rewards of cooperation: Cognitive aspects of primate reciprocity
Good natured: the evolution of morality in humans and other animals
Michael Ruse, Ph.D. Evolutionary ethics: a phoenix arisen?
Darwinism and atheism: a marriage made in heaven?
1999 Rev. Barry Lynn Separation of God and Darwin
1998 William Provine, Ph.D. Evolution: free will and punishment and meaning in life
Eugenie Scott, Ph.D. Organized teacher workshop- Teaching evolution: resolving the controversies
1997 Douglas Futuyma, Ph.D. Evolution, Science, and Society